INFO: Greyson Chance to Release 5 Song EP and Tour Dates Before His New Album!

Well Enchancers, there seems to be
movement toward the release of
Greyson’s upcoming new album – and
further confirmation of an upcoming
Asian and U.S. tour!
One of his producers announced the
plan today saying,
“Greyson’s going to release a 5
song EP to his fans as a thank you
and sorry for the wait as we
prepare the entire album!! It will
be released very soon! Just wait a
lil while longer, it’s worth it!!!! He
will tour the US and International ,
but the EP has to drop then,
Greyson’s management and label
will organize the tour dates”
Greyson has been teasing his fans for
months with snippets of new lyrics and
telling his fans “Soon, very very soon…”
but that has not satisfied many of his
One song expected on the new EP is his
latest “Sunshine & City Lights” and it will
be the first time fans have heard a studio
version of the new single.
Greyson has performed “Sunshine & City
Lights” three times in public with
guitarist Michael Warren ( Oregon,
Vancouver, and in China) and SCL is
already a huge hit with Enchancers
around the world.
Greyson took to twitter yesterday to
share a story about another new song
“Take My Heart” saying,
“Listening + reflecting on the EP
tonight. Realizing how a lot of the
inspiration was how love is so
reflective on money lately. True
right? It’s like who cares about
money?! It is frustrating for
teenagers to fall into that trap at
such an early age. So…I wrote this
song called Take My Heart. It is all
about having love + happiness
without money. Lyric from the
song: “All my clothes are old and
used, ain’t got no house up on the
hill, but I got enough love for you.”
Wise words indeed and amazing that
Greyson has to think about these things
being only 15-years-old.
Greyson has already shared a sneak peak
of another song, that nobody knows the
name of yet, when he tweeted a photo
of a partial lyric sheet.
Last month Greyson also tweeted that he
was starting work on a new music video
but did not indicate for what song.
It was being reported yesterday that
Greyson will be returning to KK Malaysia
on November 3rd 2012 but there are
few details about that trip yet – but once
we learn more you can be sure we will
blog it here!
Another news report also made it sound
like a return trip to the Philippines in
October may be in the works but we
can’t confirm that yet.
This all seems to point to a broader
promotional push that may be gearing
up across the U.S. and Asia in
preparation for his new EP and album
So, it looks like “Soon, very very soon”
may well mean in the next 30-60 days.
It has been a long wait Enchancers and it
is looking like just a little more patience
may very well pay off.
See you on Twitter!
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